Packaging Design Dubai

Kmistree provides a unique and memorable product packaging for your brand in Dubai. We customize various packaging options from materials like paper, tin, metal, plastic, rubber and wooden across Dubai and Abu Dhabi etc.

We believe packaging is one of the most important part of the purchasing decision for a consumer. The products are sold worldwide primarily on packaging and brand awareness alone. The FMCG goods are predominantly focuses on distinctive packs to target their customers.

We cater to environmentally conscious consumers who cares for the impact on nature. Our designed product are 100% recyclable, made from eco-friendly paper like Tyvek, Kraft Paper etc. We also providing a low-cost packaging to our clients which are based in UAE.

We are committed to designing a beautifully printed packaging for businesses in UAE. If you are searching for a vendor who can design, develop prototype, produce, and deliver your packaging on time then we are your only choice.

Kmistree is known for Tea, Coffee, Bakery, Food packaging etc in the region.

Types of packaging services we offer:

  • Sustainable packaging
  • Luxury product packaging
  • Molded packaging
  • Polybag packaging
  • Corrugated packaging
  • Jute / cotton packaging

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